Corporate Year End Preparation

Every business is required to complete year-end reporting to meet federal and provincial legislation.

To assist our clients in meeting these requirements, our services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • GST return(s)
  • Personal and corporate income tax planning
  • Annual financial statements
  • Federal and Provincial income tax returns for the corporation and owner

While preparing the corporate year end, we work with our clients through email and telephone conversations to complete the preliminary draft of the financial statements. Based on this preliminary work and the clients’ specific needs, we are able to formulate different tax planning options to review with the client. Some of the tax planning strategies we implement include income splitting and taking advantage of all tax deductions that are available to our clients.

We recognize that the ultimate responsibility for the income tax liability rests with the client, and in this respect, we ensure that the client is aware of options and their quantitative and qualitative differences. In this way, we provide our clients with all of the information available to make the best choice for their individual situation.  Our role is to provide the options so that our clients may make an informed decision about their income tax liability.