Other Services

We offer more than just filing tax returns

Referral Network

As outlined in the overview section “About the Firm”, we have a referral network of professional specialists who can be available to assist our clients.  The services available in our growing network include commercial and personal insurance (life, disability, critical illness); payroll services; employee benefit plans (group benefits, health spending accounts, etc.); personal financial planners and investment advisors (RRSPs. TFSAs etc.); banking professionals from various financial institutions; registry services; and legal services.

We also have business relationships with other accounting professionals, to provide our clients with specialty services such as income tax rollovers, succession planning, GST elections, and cross-border (US) income tax matters.  We work closely with our referral network to ensure that our clients’ best interests are looked after in the most appropriate manner, and to make those business matters easy for our clients to administer.

The overall objective of this network service is the continuation of our client services – enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

Business Number Registration

We can assist our clients with registering their corporations with the Canada Revenue Agency for a business number. The business number is to the corporation what a social insurance number is to an individual.

T-Slip Preparation

The most common type of “T-Slip” that owner-managed corporations issue are the T4 (employment income) and T5 (dividend income) slips.   These slips must be filed with the Canada Revenue Agency by February 28 of each year.   For our corporate clients, (where we handle payrolls?) we keep an ongoing record of  the amounts that need to be reported on the T4 and T5 slips each year, and we prepare them and file them with the Canada Revenue Agency, so that our clients do not have to give any thought to this deadline.

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency

We are in regular contact with the Canada Revenue Agency and represent our clients with the Agency, fielding inquiries and acting as their representative on audits.  This service – in dealing directly with the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of a client – saves valuable time for the clients, by eliminating the need for them to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency directly.

Once a client has signed a consent form, allowing us to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on its behalf, we handle routine information requests.